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Terry Williams


Terry enjoys talking with repeat customers and potential customers about their uses of organics in their farm and ranching business or building an optimal soil for more nutrients for crops and/or hayfields. 


  • 10 Years in Agricultural & Organic Farming

  • Cover Crops - Summer & Winter    

  • Hay Meadows

  • Pastures

  • Row Crops

  • 45 Years Farming

  • 20 Years Raising Livestock

  • 10 Years in Applying Organics

  • Developing Organic Programs for Customers


  • Webinars & Research on Soil Sequestration

  • Webinars & Research on Soil Health and All Types of Soil Improvements

  • Use of Multi-Species Cover Crops to Improve Soil 

  • Use of Our Farm for Experiments on Different Types of Cover Crops and Forages to Pass Knowledge onto Customers

  • Invasive Species Management - Weed-Free Forages

Terry has vast knowledge of organics, 10 years in applying and using organics in the agricultural business plus using cover crops to build bio-mass and reclaim available nutrients from the soil to capture carbon to receive the optimal balanced soil.  Terry enjoys helping customers with developing the best program suited for their soil.  DRT Organics uses GPS guidance when applying products for our customers to get complete coverage with no overlaps or missed areas.  

We have grown and sold organically fertilized hay since 2012.  We continue to add customers annually.  We've been told that the animals enjoy our hay so much, as if it were candy.  One customer even told us his cattle would be in stampede mode when he would bring hay to feed.  We continually strive to grow a great bale of hay and to give the customer a quality product at an affordable price.  We believe that a healthy soil will produce a healthy plant and in turn will be better for your animal's health.

Terry has 43 years in the welding, oil, and gas industry building pipelines and compressor stations.  He has been on the corporate side with his company overseeing the construction process since 2011.


Terry has been married to his sweetheart, Jeannie for 20 years; everything they do they do it together and they even work together everyday. They have 5 children, 18 grandchildren, and 1 great grandchild.   

Terry & Jeannie enjoy working on their farm and around the house.  They purchased their farm in 2011 and they knew their had to be a better way to fertilize than using commercial products that they felt was harmful to the soil.  They did a lot of research and found Bear Lane who had been a great help in getting them converted to an all-organic program. Terry & Jeannie believed in the product so much that Terry decided to become a dealer, as well as, an applicator, and there ultimately becoming a partner with DRT Organics.  

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