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Dennis Lane


Dennis goes the extra mile, and does what it takes to make sure he has done his very best for those that need his help. His favorite motto is: “Taking back nature as God intended it to be, one acre at a time, by creating good organic soil.”

* 18 Years in Agricultural & Organic Farming
    * Cover Crops - Summer & Winter
    * Hay Meadows
    * Pastures
    * Row Crops
* 18 Years in Applying Organics
* 46 Years in Farming
* 53 Years Raising Livestock 
* Developing Organic Programs for Customers
* Coached by Elaine Ingham of the Rodell Institute
* Attended Organic Seminars & Webinars
* Formally Educated on Organics & Cover Crops

* 33 Years in the Military
* Retired Air Force Veteran
* Retired Army Veteran
* Vietnam Veteran
* Desert Storm Veteran
* Aeronautics Degree
* Serves on the Johnson County Grass Committee
* Won 1st Place at the County Fair for Best Hay Quality

Dennis Lane is a good ole boy, born and raised in Texas.  He married his first grade sweetheart, Betty in 1966. They have two children, five grandchildren, and one great grandchild.  Although he received his degree in aeronautics and worked in that field until his retirement in 2003, he has been raising cattle since 1968, and he has been farming since 1974.

With his love of agriculture, it didn’t take long for him to figure out that organic farming and getting back to nature was the way he wanted to go.  In 2006, Dennis began to sell organic products while helping his customers by developing programs for their particular needs. For almost twenty years, he has studied and learned about organics from well known biologist, Elaine Ingham, and Howard Garrett, known as “The Dirt Doctor”, and a leader of the organic way of life.

Dennis loves helping people make their farms more productive by using proven organic methods.  He teaches them how to make their soil healthier, which produces quality forage, grass, and crops; this provides nutritional value for healthy farm animals and soil life for future generations to come.  It’s a proven win, win situation!

Dennis works in his community with other land owners by being on the Johnson County Grass Committee. Together they decide on classes for area farmers to educate them on better ways to improve their pastures, grass, and crops. 

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