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Bear Lane


Bear's passion in life is helping people and he lives by the standard of customer satisfaction.  He has been in the organic industry since 1998 and enjoys helping his customers through the process with organic conversions, cover crops, seed purchases, and grass-fed beef.  He believes in organics to offer a better quality of life for our grandchildren.   

* 23 Years in Agricultural & Organic Farming
    * Cover Crops - Summer & Winter
    * Hay Meadows
    * Pastures
    * Row Crops
* 30 Years Raising Livestock 
* 23 Years in Applying Organics
* Developing Organic Programs for Customers
* Coached by Elaine Ingham of the Rodell Institute
* Attended Organic Seminars & Webinars
* Formally Educated on Organics & Cover Crops

* Retired Army Veteran 
* Vietnam Veteran
* Desert Storm Veteran
* Red River County Conservation Farmer of the Year 2005
* Texas Conservation Farmer of the Year 2006 
* Awesome PawPaw Bear

Bear has been married to the love of his live, Edna for 33 years.  They have 5 grown children, 4 daughter-in-laws, 12 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren.  

Bear worked as a helicopter mechanic for the Department of Defense for 16 years.  He also, served 16 years working for the Department of Defense at Bell Helicopter as a Quality Assurance Technician.  Bear & Edna met while working at the Bell Helicopter Plant in Amarillo, Texas.  

Bear & Edna love traveling, raising livestock, 4-wheeling, and camping.  They are crazy about their family!  

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