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Ronnie Biddulph

Distribution Director

Ronnie prides himself on taking care of his customers from start to finish; he's very easygoing.  He has a vast amount of experience applying Organics for his customers.  

* 18 Years in Agricultural & Organic Farming
    * Cover Crops - Summer & Winter
    * Hay Meadows
    * Pastures
    * Row Crops
* 20 Years Raising Livestock 
* 18 Years in Applying Organics
* Developing Organic Programs for Customers


* Army Veteran 
* Purple Heart Veteran
* Vietnam Veteran

* Aerospace Science Degree 

Ronnie has been married to his sweetheart, Sue for 54 years.  They have 2 grown children and 4 grandchildren.  Ronnie worked at Bell Helicopter for 38 years as a Planning Engineer & Flightline Mechanic before retiring and entering the organic industry to help his customers create healthier soil for their families and livestock.

Ronnie and Sue both have a green thumb; they completely landscaped their yard and flowerbeds using organic practices.  All their pastures and hay meadows have been organically converted for the last 18 years.  They both enjoy working their organic acreage together, as well as, fishing and vacationing when they have the time.  

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